Holding Company Investments

Holding Company Investments, Oakville & Toronto

We have expertise in creating tax efficient structures for Holding Company investments that give you the flexibility to plan for the future.

There are a number of reasons to shield your investments in a Holding Company structure. Most of these benefits are taxed based, but there are also security benefits, as well. Creditor protection and the avoidance of US Estate taxes are also significant reasons for setting up a 'Holdco' to manage your investments.

Tax advantages such as income Splitting, timing of income and the tax efficient reinvestment of operating company dividends make Holdco’s an attractive strategy for certain situations. 

We will help you determine whether the cost associated with setting up this particular structure is right for you and can help you meet your investment objectives.

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Tips About Holding Companies

When is a Holding Company structure most beneficial for my investment portfolio?

A Holding Company is typically established to facilitate family planning, estate planning and or to structure an investment.

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