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Registered Retirment Savings Plan, Oakville, Toronto

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) have various tax advantages compared to accounts that are not registered.

All of the investment returns on funds inside an RRSP are tax exempt. At Campbell Lee & Ross Investment Management, we make some of the complexities of these accounts easy to understand and help you maximize the effect an RRSP can have on your retirement goals.

There is a long list of suitable investments that are allowed inside these plans and we will find the right balance of growth and security to help you achieve those goals. 

Every stage of your investment life will require adjustments to your portfolio. This is known as 'Life-Cycle' investing. We monitor our clients' retirement investments closely as they move through each of these stages. We also make sure that any other invested funds are working together with RRSP funds to achieve the goals and objectives  of each of our clients.

Tax advantaged investing through a Registered Retirement Savings Plan can represent a strong foundation to an investment strategy for living comfortably in your retirement years.

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