What should someone expect from Campbell, Lee & Ross when they become a client?

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With Campbell, Lee & Ross you can expect us getting to know you and your financial goals, with active discretionary portfolio management and timely on-going support.

At Campbell, Lee & Ross (CLRIM) we understand the importance of getting to know your personal financial situation, your goals and objectives and the vision you have for your financial future.

That is why we begin every new client relationship with a comprehensive discovery session that helps us fully understand your needs. This allows us to work together to achieve your financial goals.

We then create a portfolio to help you meet those goals by using a strategy that begins with the appropriate asset mix for your risk tolerance. We then move to portfolio construction and the actual selection of the securities that will make up your portfolio. We employ an active management style that is discretionary by nature, so that we can take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

We also pride ourselves in keeping you informed, both about your unique portfolio, as well as the overall market conditions and upcoming events that may have an impact on your accounts. Our timely newsletters, market updates, portfolio performance reviews and informed support staff will keep you up to date as you move closer to achieving your financial goals.

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