Bespoke Investment Solutions

Bespoke Investment Management, Toronto & Oakville

We understand that no two investors are exactly the same. We start with an extensive discovery meeting that allows us to handcraft a financial solution that meets your unique circumstances.

Registered Accounts

Our Investment Team can advise you on the features and benefits of a full suite of registered investment accounts. These tax advantaged accounts help investors save for retirement, financially help children or grandchildren attend post-secondary education as well as sheltering investment gains and dividends from tax.

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Non-registered Accounts

We specialize in non-registered account investing as well as registered accounts. Along with common investing vehicles, we often encounter situations where investors would  benefit from creating tax efficient structures to hold their non-registered funds. There are a number of investment objects that can be met by creating Holding Companies, Family Trusts or perhaps an Endowment Fund that would not be as easily met by holding those funds in a regular investment account. Talk to us about your special situation and we will advise on which accounts may work best for you.

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