Our Approach to Managing Your Investments

About Campbell, Lee & Ross Investment Management

With Campbell, Lee & Ross you benefit from the intimate attention of a small firm combined with unique access to extensive institutional investing capabilities – in an approach that is customized for your goals, aspirations and priorities.

Portfolio Construction

At heart, we are fundamental investors who believe in diversified portfolios.

We care more about earnings, cash flows and dividends than the technical aspects of the broader market indexes.

These metrics guide our investment choices. We look for businesses that score well against these measures and select them from a diversity of industry groups.

We believe it's not a stock market, but a market of individual stocks.

Low-Turn Trading

We spend a lot of time researching the companies we invest in. When we decide on an investment for your portfolio, we are making a commitment to that company's future.

If the story changes, we will adjust our expectations. However, trading shares often for the sake of 'activity' is not our style.

True, significant value appreciation takes time to develop and will have the greatest impact on the net value of your portfolio.

We are in this for the long haul and know that significant value can accrue by sitting tight.

Tax Efficiency

The biggest upside of managing a portfolio with a Low-Turn Trading strategy is that it allows us to employ tax efficient strategies on your behalf.

Capital gains are taxable. When we hold a stock position over a longer time frame, those gains can be substantial.

Timely disposition of share positions in your portfolio can significantly mitigate the tax consequences when moving out of long held positions. 

All of the activity in your portfolio – buying and selling – will be intentional and have tax efficiency as a consideration.

Risk Management

Risk management is a very important part of our investment philosophy. It informs all our decision making when it comes to designing your portfolio.

There are three major asset classes: equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds) and cash. Based on our discovery of your risk tolerance, the present market conditions and our views on future market directions, we allocate investment funds between these asset classes

It is a growth and value approach which has been successful for our clients through multiple market cycles.

Minimum Asset Level

The minimum asset level is $500,000