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RRSP Contributions - Friend or Foe?

It seems almost sacrosanct to question the benefits of making an RRSP contribution these days, but is it always the right thing to do, even if you can?

Should I worry about how the Canadian dollar might affect my retirement?

If you are feeling that the past year has been a very volatile time for the Canadian dollar, you might be wondering how that may affect your retirement plans.

Ms. Long Term Bull Market... Meet Mr. Volatility

Long bull market runs often have periods of volatility that can cause investors to pause and reflect on the holdings in their portfolios.

Where Are Canadian Interest Rates Headed In 2018?

Canadian interest rates rose twice in the latter half of 2017 – and investors and borrowers are looking for answers to where interest rates are headed in 2018.

It's Time to Plan your 2018 RRSP Contributions

As we head into 2018, a plan for your RRSP contributions and investing should become top of mind – we can help ensure you maximize the allowable benefits.

How Will the Proposed Canadian Tax Changes Affect Me?

In it’s efforts to rein in what it considers tax loop holes, the Canadian Government has recently floated a tax package that takes aim at private corporations.

What Retail Investors could learn from Accountants

When building an investment portfolio, it can be useful to take a page from accounting principles – specifically how accountants view inventory when valuing a company’s products.

Show Summary: Stock Markets Themes From Around the World

The continuing themes in the stock markets over the past few months, which has been the political uncertainty a number of countries are experiencing, were discussed by Darren Sissons on BNN (October 13, 2017).

How can dividends help you get a boost for your portfolio?

In a recent Globe & Mail article, Darren Sissons of Campbell, Lee & Ross talks about how dividends can be a powerhouse of superior rate of return for your investment portfolio.

How will recent US political events affect my investments?

The Trump Administration south of our border is increasingly becoming a wild card for stock markets, just as North American economies start showing some strength.