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At Campbell, Lee & Ross, we offer institutional portfolio construction for high net-worth investors by melding top down positioning with bottom-up research.

We construct portfolios by combining top down portfolio positioning with fundamental bottom-up research.

Top-Down Macro Positioning

Economy – Interest rates (inflation v deflation), economic cycle, GDP, CPI, currency and commodities

Sector Outlook – Earnings growth, free cash flow

Sector Value – Relative to history, relative to other sectors

= Portfolio Positioning

Bottom-Up Fundamental Research

Evaluate All Opportunities – Canadian, US and Global investable universe

Growth Outlook – Cyclical issues, strategic assessment

Research – Industry & investment analyst reports/interviews, conferences, management calls and interviews

Valuations – Methodology varies by sector, relative to peers and history

= Return Expectations

Stocks with the greatest upside have the largest relative weight. This is combined with a qualitative and quantitative risk assessment to produce a well-diversified portfolio.

If you would like to discuss portfolio construction with a member of the CLRIM team, we invite you to contact our team.