Three key aspects to our financial management process

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At Campbell, Lee & Ross, our approach to building your investment portfolio is disciplined, tested and proven.

We value a disciplined approach to designing your investment portfolio. We are active, discretionary investment counsellors with a commitment to helping you reach your financial goals.

When you come to us with your investment objectives and risk tolerances, our investment experts design and manage a unique portfolio based on your needs.

After we have completed a comprehensive discovery process with you, there are three key aspects to the process of creating your investment portfolio:

Selecting the Asset Mix – The asset mix is the ratio of equities to bonds and is established through a discussion between you and our firm, and will reflect your risk tolerances.

Defining the Portfolio Construction – A portfolio of investments, designed by CLRIM to achieve your financial goals, will be based on the assigned asset mix.

Finalizing the Security Selection – The Campbell, Lee & Ross team then expertly selects appropriate Equity and Fixed Income securities to meet the needs outlined in the discovery session.

With our firm, you can be confident in our strategic and intentional research methodology. Our process has been proven through the collective experience of our investment management team. 

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