Show Summary: CLRIM on BNN's Market Call - August 2017

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As many of our clients may already know, Campbell, Lee & Ross is home to expert investment managers who are regularly featured on the Business News Network (BNN). 

This blog spot will become a regular monthly feature on this website, and will summarize the comments our investment managers make after they appear as guests on the show Market Call.

CLRIM Clients Get 'Ahead' of the Show

These comments and summaries are available to our clients prior to the show. If you would like to hear more about becoming a CLRIM client and receiving breaking market updates, along with our monthly newsletter, please contact us.

The 'Summary'

(The summary notes in this post are from comments made by our portfolio managers as guests on BNN's Market Call, Darren Sissons on August 11 and Bruce Campbell on August 17 and August 28.

Darren noted the usual summer slow down in market activity had come into play and that the trend towards the end of the summer has been moderately downward. Tech stocks have bucked the trend, with big names like Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Tencent holding up well.

Darren further commented in regards to diversification outside of the Canadian markets and specifically mentioned European economies as having an optimistic bias. He believes that the Canadian dollar is overvalued at the present time and that investments in the US and European markets make sense for a portion of investment portfolio funds.

Both Bruce and Darren spoke about the probability of rising interest rates over the coming few quarters, as economies around the world begin to strengthen. Both agreed that these rising rates would benefit Canadian banks in particular and investors seeking income from their portfolios generally.

Campbell Lee & Ross' Top Picks

As mentioned in their appearances, Darren’s top picks in the market were Algonquin Power, CK Infrastructure Fund (Hong Kong) and General Electric. Bruce’s top picks were Enbridge, Cardinal Energy, Pembina Pipeline, SNC Lavalin and his top two picks in the banking sector are TD Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Please feel free to contact us to hear more about our thoughts on the markets and stay tuned to our website about upcoming appearances by our portfolio managers on BNN’s Market Call.