Show Summary: Stock Markets Themes From Around the World

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Last week, Darren Sissons appeared on BNN’s Market Call to discuss the continuing themes in the stock markets over the past few months, which has been the political uncertainty a number of countries are experiencing.

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The 'Summary'

Since Darren Sissons’ last appearance on BNN, we can add Spain (Catalonia Independence), the success of the far right in the German elections and the increasing complexities of the Brexit negotiations. This, in addition to the continued situation in North Korea and the Trump administrations inability to implement any new legislation.

The Canadian dollar, which had been over-valued the last time Darren spoke, has declined slightly in relation to it’s US counterpart. The Canadian dollar has assumed a more realistic level relatively speaking over the past month.

On the International front, Darren believes that the Eurozone is preforming well and offers a number of quality investment names to follow.

The Northern Asian and Korean markets, while exhibiting a heightened risk profile, are under valued. Darren also felt that the US markets look expensive vs. Canadian equities.

Campbell Lee & Ross' Top Picks

Darren’s stock picks, as mentioned in this BNN segment included HSBC, Infosys and Kone Inc.

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