Family Trusts

Family Trusts Investment Strategy, Toronto

You’ve work hard for your success and providing a stable foundation for the next generation may be a top priority. Our expertise in handling Family Trusts will provide you with the options you are looking for.

Family dynamics can be complicated. So to the financial affairs of an individual who would like a simplified transition of assets over time.

Family Trusts can provide a structure to meet both of these challenges in a way that clearly defines financial transitions for high net worth individuals.

Whether there are timing issues for transferring wealth, income needs for a surviving spouse, or multiple stakeholders in a large estate, the construction of a Family Trust to handle these needs – managed by an impartial trustee – may offer the ideal solution as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

We will help with your decision making process by presenting a number of scenarios and directing you to the most suitable structure to meet your objectives.

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Tips About Family Trusts

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