RESP | Registered Education Savings Plan

Registered Education Savings Plan, RRSP, Toronto

Whether you are a new parent planning for the future education needs of your child, or a grandparent looking to help fund the post secondary education needs of your grandchildren, and RESP account can be a powerful savings tool for those needs.

A Registered Education Savings Plan is a partially government funded, tax advantaged account, that offers a powerful savings vehicle to help fund a child’s post secondary eduction dreams.

RESPs are not without their complexities, but at Campbell Lee & Ross, we make it easy to understand and will apply the same investment selection rigour we use for all of our other investment accounts.

The long term growth of these funds will help you keep pace with the rising tuition and housing costs associated with a post secondary education.

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Tips About RESPs

RESP withdrawal rules if your child does not attend post-secondary school

Collapsing an RESP – or withdrawing funds when your child does not attend post-secondary school – has significant penalties. So, are there other strategies to avoid paying the collapse penalty tax?

What is the difference between a registered account and an unregistered account?

There are a number of differences between registered and unregistered investment accounts, but the main differences mostly revolved around tax.

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